No condoms please

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I’m bi and I love being sexual with women, men, crossdressers and trannies. This is due to my early training. In women I do prefer BBWs, SSBBWs, and senior-aged. In men I love average and well endowed but have a true weakness for chubs and don’t care about their size or smallness. As for crossdressers and trannies I love being a seducer…or seductress.

I knew when I started dating my wife over 35 years ago and discovered she had a subbie streak I was going to take advantage of it. By advantage I mean having her used by other men until she enjoyed it and I would have more “dessert”.

I had relentlessly teased her before marriage having her playfully tied to the bed…spread eagle bound on her back with pillows under the small of her back raising her up. It was a perfect way to relentlessly give her oral attention leading to squirting orgasms not to mention a way to begin training her to take anal. She did start taking anal before we were married but it wasn’t by me – it was by a nicely endowed black man who was also a tranny and who I’d been having an affair with for two years. Of course she didn’t know anything about that at the time. Long story (which I’ll take some time to write about soon) short, she was bound like that one Saturday morning when I surprised her with Karl. I had left her tied down with a unicorn vibrator working its magic. To describe the vibrator it was a curved vibrating dildo of average size that not only vibrated but could twirl…it also had a nub that rested against her clit that also vibrated. It had become her favorite toy until I found a double-headed one that would vibrate in her pussy and rear at the same time. Anyway back to Karl. I had withdrawn the toy asking if she was ready to be wildly fucked. She gasped half exhausted yes and I said I had a surprise for her. Karl stepped into the room, his hard 6’4 body sporting a cleanshaved 10” erection and very nicely thick. Her eyes widened and all she could do was gasp “condom!” I was ready for that, handing Karl one that I had purposely needled the center several times. He slipped it on as she gasped at me saying really and I leaned down kissing her and saying really. Ok trying to keep this short. He began working her and there was no doubt she was loving feeling that cock stretch her and going so deep she moaned loudly. Most black men I’ve (and since we’ve) known could far outlast me, and she was so loving his deep thrusts. She begged to be untied and I let her loose, watching her wrap her legs over his, pulling his head down for them to kiss deeply, and me standing at rock attention watching them go at it – the best was yet to come (I should say CUM). She grew hotter and wilder as he began picking up the pace and in a final plunge going and stay deep her eyes widened and half screamed “oh gawd!” I knew the condom had broke and now she was getting a nice quantity of my black lovers sperm deep in her. He was her first black man and she was reluctant to meet again with him - she accepted my marriage proposal and that seemed to make it easier to meet for lunch or dinner with him which in a short time led to her spending the night. Of course there’s a lot more to this story and recalling the events I just may have to write it down for posting…but this post is about no condoms please.

One thing I wanted my girlfriend/wife to be is used by other men. Men that she would suck off, be fucked by and be used either in pleasure or not. I wanted to taste the traces of another mans sperm in her mouth, her pussy and her rear. I wanted to taste it off her body. I wanted to see men taking turns using her and watch her grow into a shameless nymph – and it all happened. So the rule was no condoms. After all I loved swallowing semen and sperm, feeling it explode in my ass, seeing her sucking knowing she’d be swallowing and some traces would still be there…knowing that sperm was being delivered deep in her that I could coax out later for my dessert. That was only part of my desires for her – to get me more dessert. That changed to much more and she of course learned I was bi and a tranny, but that only increased both our pleasures. Now after 35 years we’ve kinda settled down. We do still play apart and together but I still get my extra dessert...and now when I come home after a date I get the special pleasure of her kisses searching, her mouth cleaning my cock, and her oral attention working for her dessert from my ass!

…and yes…I don’t want my male, crossdresser or trannie partners using condoms. I don’t see the pleasure in sucking a cock and not getting the semen and sperm. I don’t see the pleasure of being fucked by a sweet cock/dick if it isn’t going to unload deep in me. By the way, I take golden streams directly from the source too!

So…no condoms please…EVER!

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